Mobile Search

iacquire.pngiAcquire have partnered with SurveyMonkey to conduct a study on how people use their devices to conduct search. This has implications for companies needing to know whether or how they should be creating mobile-specific landing sites. 40% of people search prediminantly on their tablet vs 60% on their phone. A large 40% of people choose another search result if the site isn’t mobile friendly. 40% of people search while watching TV with 33% tweeting about TV.

However, what this doesn’t show is how many people search for or via apps. For example, if someone is looking for information on a particular plant, do they do a search or do they look for a plant directory app? If people want to know when a tv program is on do they do a search or find a tv schedule app? There’s some evidence that apps are replacing search. If, and only if, more people are using apps for search then mobile web search might be becoming less relevant.

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